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Company Description:

Founded in 1925, and ranked by Engineering News Record as #115 in the Top 500 Design Firms, Volkert Inc. (Volkert) is a full-service, multi-disciplinary transportation engineering firm operating from 31 offices in 12 states and the District of Columbia.  The firm has 800 employees corporate-wide, with over 150 employees in the Mid-Atlantic region serving state agencies, local and municipal governments, and private industry clients since 1957.  

The firm provides civil, structural and traffic engineering; construction management and inspection; bridge safety inspection; landscape architecture; and environmental and right-of-way services.  Design services include roadway, streetscape and landscape design; alternative intersection and interchange analyses and design; bridge design – new, rehabilitation, widening and replacement; and traffic engineering including studies, analyses and modeling, design of traffic control devices, and development of Transportation Management Plans. 

Designs are in full compliance with SWM regulations, including low impact development (LID) options.  Volkert has been a pioneer in the design and construction of sustainable stormwater management infrastructure including the incorporation of unconventional LID practices for water quantity and quality control.  

Volkert delivers value through a context-sensitive approach to the design of improvement projects, using innovative solutions to revitalize neighborhoods and communities and emphasizing public engagement.  Collaboration and consensus-building help ensure compliance with community and jurisdictional standards for function, aesthetics, safety, the environment and cost.  The Envision® Rating System builds upon the context-sensitive approach, and is a guide for determining sustainability goals, applying innovation, and generating collaboration. Volkert is an Envision® Qualified Company with Envision® Sustainability Professionals on staff.  

Volkert assists local public agencies with VDOT Locally Administered Projects (LAPs) from planning through acceptance, providing in-depth knowledge of the requirements associated with various funding sources and programs.  The firm helps jurisdictions navigate compliance issues to ensure full funding and timely reimbursements.  

Volkert has a national reputation as a leading provider of design-build best practices for complex transportation infrastructure.  In the Mid-Atlantic, Volkert works closely with contractors to develop 30% design plans for evaluation by owners; and in the role of lead designer on design-build teams develops final plans on accelerated schedules.  In addition, Volkert regularly provides quality assurance and control for road, bridge, and interchange improvement projects.

Bridge design is one of Volkert’s core services.  From interstate and interchange bridges, bridges over interstates and congested urban roads, and bridges over creeks and active railroad tracks, engineers develop plans with a focus on maintenance reduction; long-term durability; and sensitivity to environmental impacts, aesthetic character, community standards, and economy. Volkert also has expertise in feasibility / alternative bridge studies including repair vs. rehabilitation vs. replacement analyses and life-cycle costs. 

Volkert’s civil engineers provide services for roadway, interstate, interchange, bridge and multi-modal improvement projects, addressing and resolving challenges such as complex interchange designs; roadway improvements to improve operational efficiency and safely accommodate multiple modes of traffic; improving accessibility and connectivity; and minimizing utility relocations and right-of-way impacts. The department’s landscape architects provide urban design and streetscape improvements, incorporating amenities such as enhanced paving, site furnishings, lighting improvements, street trees, seasonal planters and architectural elements – including artwork – to create a unique sense of place and community.

Volkert’s traffic engineering division supports the design of roadway improvements by conducting traffic analyses to evaluate the efficiency and safety of roadways.  They address traffic volumes, capacity, turning movements, accident patterns, sight distance, speed, roadway geometrics, signal timing, pedestrian movement, and the adequacy of signs and pavement markings.  Volkert also designs traffic signal and intelligent transportation systems.

Volkert’s safety inspection teams conduct routine, hands-on/in-depth, initial/inventory, interim, and emergency element-level inspections of bridges of all sizes and complexity. All inspections are performed in accordance with National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS).  In Virginia, Volkert has inspected more than 3,700 bridges and 3,500 ancillary structures for VDOT and local jurisdictions in the past seven years.  

Volkert’s construction management and inspection (CMI) department provides the full spectrum of construction inspection; and cost, schedule, claims and document management services.  As an Owner’s representative and advocate, Volkert manages and inspects construction processes to ensure the project’s budget, schedule and quality standards are met.  In addition to traditional services, the firm provides inspectors for specialty assignments such as pre-construction services, environmental compliance monitoring, staff augmentation, and utility relocation and permit inspections, including assistance with the permit application process, LAP permitting, and street acceptance.

Product Information:
VDOT I-66 Pavement Rehabilitation Design-Build Project - Volkert provided design, public outreach and quality assurance services for the design-build rehabilitation of a 6.5-mile segment of I-66, a high-speed interstate carrying more than 170,000 vehicles per day. This $45M project received a national pavement quality award from NAPA and included full-depth patching of concrete pavement; asphalt overlay; and roadway/geometric, drainage, ITS, and lighting improvements.

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